DQFanSurvey – Dairy Queen Customer Feedback Survey

Here in this article, we are going to learn about Dairy Queen company, its history, location, success story, and their customer survey known as DQFanSurvey. We will also discuss how to participate in the said survey.

About DQFanSurvey

Dairy Queen has been serving its customers for decades and DQFanSurvey is a way of engaging such customers. This survey helps them engage their customers. In addition to that, it works as a great business strategy to receive customer feedback and get to know their needs & requirements. In return for participating in such surveys, Dairy Queen provides them with various delicious treat offers, so that they take an interest in them. www.dqfansurvey.com is an online customer satisfaction survey portal for getting feedback from Dairy Queen customers.

About Dairy Queen and its History

Dairy Queen, a chain of soft-serve ice cream was introduced as a new kind of dessert treat back in 1938. Dairy Queen is a story of a father and a son who had been experimenting with some soft frozen dairy products and what comes out of it made history. The new dessert dished out 1,600 serves within two hours and laid the foundation stone of Dairy Queen.

Dairy Queen stores started off as only 10 stores in December 1941, which expanded to 100 stores in 1947, and within no time today, there are 5,900 stores running worldwide. It is rightly said that “Satisfied Customers Lead To Successful Business” and this is probably the reason behind decade old success of Dairy Queen. Therefore, DQ gives priority to their customers and offer them with the stuff they require. DQFanSurvey is a way to get to know their experience in order to make it better for the next time visit or order.

Currently, Dairy Queen headquarters is in Edina, Minnesota, and the United States. Dairy Queen flavors and food items are served worldwide and it is one of the most popular soft serve dairy treat chains in the market. The key people of Dairy Queen are Warren Buffet, Clayton Lundine, Troy Bader, C.E.O. of the Dairy Queen Fan. And the C.F.O. of Dairy Queen Fan is Mark Vinton and Barry Westrum, in the EVP Marketing.

Timeline of Dairy Queen

1940: First Dairy Queen store was set up in Joliet, Illinois.
1949: Dairy Queen introduced malts and shakes.
1951: Banana split was introduced on the menu.
1953: First Dairy Queen store opened in Canada.
1961: Mr.Misty slush treat cools introduced in warm South.
1962: International Dairy Queen Inc. was formed.
1965: 1st National radio advertising of DQ spread 169 mn times a week.
1966: First National TV commercial was aired with a tagline “Live a Little”
1972: The first DQ store opened in Japan.
1979: DQ debuts in the Middle East.
1991: First DQ store opened in Mexico.
2001: Crispy Chicken Salad was introduced.
The first DQ Grill and Chill restaurant were opened in Tenn.
2004: The MooLatte Beverage line debuts in flavors like Mocha, Vanilla, and Caramel.
2005: A record was broken on June 21 for World’s largest Blizzard Treat built in Springfield, Mass.

Requirements to participate in DQFanSurvey.com Survey

Here’s the list of rules & regulations to participate in DQFanSurvey.com
You need to make a purchase at any of the DQ restaurants before participating in the survey.

  • Your age must be 18 years or more.
  • You must have a valid 19-digit code to enter to get the promo code.
  • You should take the survey within three days of your purchase at DQ.
  • You must use your received promo code coupon within the next 30 days.
  • More terms & conditions can be seen at the receipt of DQ.

How to participate in DQFanSurvey.com?

Here’s the guide on how to participate in DQFanSurvey.com

Step 1: Visit Dairy Queen official survey website i.e. dqfansurvey.com or dqfanfeedback.com.

Step 2: Now select the preferred language i.e. Spanish, French, or English.

Step 3: Now you will be asked to enter the 19-digit survey code. It will be asked in case you are on www.dqfansurvey.com.

Step 4: If you are on dqfanfeedback.com, you will be asked for the 10-digit mobile number printed on the receipt. Then you will be asked the date and time of your visit to DQ store.

Step 5: After entering all the details correctly, tap on the red “Start” button.

Dairy Queen survey will start. It is advisable to enter honest answers. This process might take some time.

Once the survey is finished, you need to provide your contact number. It will be used for sharing coupon codes and DQ sweepstakes entry.
Now you will receive your redemption code for “Free Dilly Bar”. You can write the code on your receipt and bring it to the store for getting free Dilly Bar on your next DQ visit.

After the survey ends, you will be provided with the coupon code which you can either print on write on your receipt to be used in your next visit.
You may also get additional offers and benefits depending upon the current deals going on!

Dairy Queen Contact Information

Dairy Queen Canada
1111 International Blvd.
P.O. Box 430
Burlington, ON L7R 3Y3
Number: 905-639-1492

Dairy Queen U.S

American Dairy Queen Corporation
7505 Metro Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55439-0286
Number: 952-830-0200

American DQ Corporation

7505 Metro Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55439-0286
Number: 952-830-0200
Working Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Useful Links

  • Dairy Queen Customer Satisfaction Survey: www.dqfansurvey.com
  • Dairy Queen Official Website: www.dairyqueen.com/

Infographic Guide:

Final Words

Such online survey portals are getting more popular day by day and several companies, especially food-related firms are preferring this as a business marketing strategy. For a digital generation like today, such a strategy works out pretty well. Getting user experience in return for offers, coupon codes are quite a smart business technique. People love DQFanSurvey because five minutes of survey gives them a chance of various tasty free delights and offers. It also helps the company improve its workability and support quality systems.

Take Pandaexpress.Com/Feedback Survey to Get a Free Meal

Panda Express Feedback is a web portal to analyze overall customer experience by famous American Chinese food chain Panda Express. By using this portal, customers can give their feedback to improve the services provided by Panda Express. We will learn about the Panda Express survey and the rules and regulations to keep in mind while taking it. We will also talk about the Panda Express Company and its history and the complete guidelines on how you participate in the survey and how it can be beneficial for you being a regular customer. Let’s start at the very beginning.

Take Panda Express Survey Online and Get Reward

Panda Express is a tributary of the Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. The group is a family business, and it was founded back in 1973 by Andrew Cherng and his father, Ming-Tsai Cherng. They have opened their very first restaurant chain called Panda Inn at Pasadena, California. The restaurant was kind of formal, sit-down dining contrasting the fast-food variety of panda express. The restaurants were only located in California until 1982 when Peggy Cherng, Andrew’s wife, came along to join the family restaurant business. In 1983, Terry Donahue, the manager of Glendale Galleria, California, gave them an invitation to make a fast-food version of Panda Inn for the mall. It led to the first establishment of Panda Express. 

In the year 1987, they have introduced The Original Orange Chicken developed by Chef Andy Kao. By the year 2016, they have grown to a more considerable extent. Panda Express fast-food restaurants have expanded their business to around 2,000 fast-food stores from all over the USA to other countries such as Mexico City, Mexico, Guam, Puerto Rico, Canada, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, India, and more. Now they are expanding their business along with the improvements and introducing variant mouth-watering Chinese fast-food delicacies. They are surveying concerning their food and services through their customer’s feedback. Participate in this survey to win prizes along with a code validation that you can redeem on your next visit to the Panda Express.

Rules and Regulation concerning the Survey

Well, if you are a constant customer of Panda Express, then we suggest you take the survey to help them improvise their facilities. While taking the Panda Express online survey, you need to fill-up the number mentioned on the bottom of your purchase receipt from your last time order. There are specific keynotes that you need to keep in mind while you are taking the survey. Some of the instructions which apply for taking the Panda Express survey are as follows:

  • You have to be a frequent customer to get the entry for the Panda Express survey.
  • The purchase receipt or voucher shall be valid for two days only.
  • You can participate in the survey by methods, i.e., Whether by calling on 888-51-PANDA(72632) or you can log-in to www.pandaguestexperience.com.
  • The participant must be 18+ to participate in the survey.
  • You can take limitless survey entries to provide your feedback.
  • The survey prize shall be Free Coupon Code and Free Meal.
  • For an individual, there is only one coupon per visit is available.
  • You can participate in the survey by communicating either in English or Spanish, which you can select before initiating the online survey.

Win Exciting Prizes

Yes! You heard it right. You can win prizes by taking part in the Panda Express Guest Experience Surveys such as Free Entry Item or a free meal. The essential point to participate in the survey is a valid receipt, and the survey should be taken within two days of receiving the purchase receipt. You can opt for taking the online survey by these two following methods:

How to Complete Pandaexpress.Com/Feedback Survey Online

Follow these steps to participate in the Panda Express survey online.

Step 1. The step is to purchase any of the fast-food item or a beverage from the Panda Express outlet and keep the receipt with you.

Step 2. Visit their official Website for the survey, i.e., www.pandaguestexperience.com.

Step 3. Moving on to the next step, enter the 22 digit panda express survey code from the bottom of your receipt.

Step 4. Click on the Next button and then move forward following the instructions on your screen and give your suggestions or reviews honestly and answer all the questions related to the survey such as food, service, ambiance & the food quality.

Step 5. Now, after completing the survey, you will receive a Panda Express validation code on your screen.

Step 6. Note the validation code on the back of the receipt and carry the purchase receipt with you on your next visit to the Panda Express outlet.

Step 7. Thus, you can win the pandaexpress.com/feedback free entrée item by participating in the survey.

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Take the Survey by a Phone Call

Follow these steps to participate in the Panda Express survey via phone call.

Step 1. At first, save the receipt after grabbing any of the food items from the Panda Express outlet.

Step 2. Make a call within two days of purchasing, by merely dialing 888-51-PANDA (72632).

Step 3. Answer all the questions related to food, service, and food quality using your phone.

Step 4. After finishing the survey, you will receive a validation code on your phone.

Step 5. Note down the validation code on the back of your purchase receipt.

Step 6. Subsequently, visit your nearest Panda Express outlet and redeem the guest experience survey free entrée item.

Contact Panda Express

You can contact Panda Express for the survey these contact numbers i.e., 800-877-8988 or 626-799-9898

Mail Address – Panda Express Guest Care, P.O. Box 1159, Rosemead, CA 91770

Website for the survey – www.pandaguestexperience.com

Official Website – www.pandaexpress.com

Panda Express Headquarters Address

1683 Walnut Grove Ave, Rosemead, CA 91770, United States of America

Final Words

Online surveys are getting more famous with each passing day, especially in the food industry, as they offer the customers an opportunity to avail of some prizes. Also, it helps the company to ensure that the quality of the brand is appropriately maintained. It affects the business in a very positive manner. It works as one of the most acceptable marketing strategies that allow the brands to connect with their frequent customers to ensure their brand value. This initiative proves the brand’s seriousness towards offering the best possible services to its customers. This way, they are also able to know and understand the customer’s requirements. They can improvise and be innovative to offer much better services and food. 

www.bjs.com/feedback – Official BJ’s Survey To Win $500 Gift Card

An American chain of the warehouse, BJ wholesale club, has provided us with some excellent goods at cheaper rates. Its headquarters is located in Westborough, M.A., U.S.A. BJ’s offer an online survey portal for getting its customers’ feedback & reviews. Online customer feedback surveys have the purpose of getting customers’ reviews to improve company services.

Several huge brands like Burger King, Regal, Maurices offer their surveys to gain valuable feedback, which in turn acts as a road map to their potential growth in the coming years. In this guide today, we are going to discuss Official BJ’s Survey and how to win $500 worth gift cards. You can get this survey at www.bjs.com/feedback. Let’s get started.

About Bj’s Company

Bj’s chain began in 1984 by Zayre departmental store. In the year 2011, it was acquired by Leonard Green and CVC Capital Partners. However, later in 2018, it became a listed company. This wholesale club consists of around 200 clubs in 16 states having more than 25,000 employees.

What is Bj’s Survey?

Bj’s Survey is a customer satisfaction survey meant for users, available at www.bjs.com/feedback. The primary purpose of Bj is to provide useful at cheaper rates than retailers to its customers. By only proving your valuable feedback with the help of a customer survey, you can get a chance to win $500 worth gift cards.

Bj’s Survey – The Rules and Eligibility Criteria

Before taking up the official BJ Customer Satisfaction Survey, let’s get to know its rules and eligibility criteria first.

  • The survey participant must 18 years of age or older to be eligible for the same.
  • You can get one entry once a month per participant.
  • The employees of BJ, their friends, or immediate relatives are not allowed to take up this survey.
  • You are not allowed to transfer or redeem the survey rewards.
  • You must possess a recent original purchase receipt of BJ to take up the survey.
  • Winners are notified within one week of the drawing date.

Bj’s Survey Requirements

If you are willing to participate in the official Bj Customer Satisfaction Survey, you should be aware of its related requirements as given further.

  • One must possess a digital device like mobile, tablet, or laptop/PC to take part in the survey online.
  • It is mandatory to have the latest purchase BJ receipt to participate in this survey.
  • One can only get the benefits of rewards by participating before the deadline of the survey sweepstakes.

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How to take Bj’s Survey on www.bjs.com?

Follow the stepwise guide given below to take part in the BJ’s Survey on www.bjs.com.

  • At first, open your web browser and visit the official website of the survey, i.e., www.bjs.com.

  • You must not be an immediate friend or family of Bj’s employees.

  • Make sure you have the latest Bj receipt with yourself.
  • On the homepage of the survey, enter the asked information (same as printed on your receipt).

  • When the survey starts, rate your shopping experience and answer some easy questions.

  • Once done, enter your correct contact details.
  • Submit the sweepstakes entry form and get yourself an entry to the prize draw.

Bj’s Survey Rewards and Prizes

Contact Bj’s Inc.

Take this BJ’s online survey and get a chance to win various jaw-dropping rewards like $500 worth gift cards and much more. If you have any query related tor BJ’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, you can contact them via contact details as given below.

Mail Address:

BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc.

Attn: Member Care

25 Research Drive

Westborough, MA 01581

Phone (Customer Care):

800–BJS–CLUB (257–2582).

Official Website:


myBPCreditCard – Login and Signup Guide @www.mybpcreditcard.com

If you are a traveler and you’re passionate about traveling and you prefer your car to be filled at any BP station, then BP Visa credit card is the best option for you as it offers you plenty of rewards on each purchase and hence, you save on daily expenses. The card offers you returns on your dining, traveling, groceries in the range of 2-3.5 %. If you hold a BP card, then you can collect all the rewards which come with dining out, traveling, groceries, and buying gasoline at BP station.

The points can be detained in the statement credit, but it will produce a slight drop in the returns. Via BP card, the rate for groceries, dining, and traveling will serve down to 2.25 percent. And the rate for purchasing gas at BP stations will also drop by 3.75 percent.

What are the benefits of owning a BP credit card?

BP credit card comes with an introductory offer, which gives you 25 cents on every gallon for every $100 spent through your BP Visa credit card. This happens at the starting of the 90 days of your account opening, and this is the award reward applicable only for BP gas stations.

The benefits hence are:

  • 25 cents of on every gallon on every hundred dollars spent at BP
  • 15 cents will be off per gallon on every hundred dollars spent on travel, groceries, and dining.
  • Five cents will be off on each gallon on every hundred dollars spent wherever credit cards are accepted.
  • It provides you with the benefit of no annual fees. The annual fees are zero.
  • Now, these two might not come under the benefits, but they are some extra ways to earn rewards. These are:
  • In the initial 90 days of your active account, you can earn about 25 cents on every hundred dollars spent. It means that this is 5% rewarded for all the purchases done.

Who owns the BP credit card?

This is a state-owned card. At an early age, the British government privatized the company. British Petroleum merged with Amoco In 1998, and hence, it became BP Amoco plc and acquired ARCO and Burmah Castrol in 2000.

It is hence becoming BP PLC in 2001.

How to apply for the BP credit card (myBPCreditCard)?

You can easily apply for a BP credit Visa card by getting an application form at any local BP gas station. Also, you can also apply online by visiting the website www.myBPCreditCard.com.

Keep your essentials ready like your name, date of birth, etc. After filling the form, make sure that you check once again that all the details are filled and then press ‘continue.’ Obviously, online applications have the upper hand because the process is quick, and you get a quick response. If you apply through email, then it will take a little extra time in the processing of your form. After you receive approval, you can expect to receive your BP credit card within 10 or 7 business days.

Registering for BP credit card

Step 1: Go on to the website www.myBPCreditCard.com. It is the official webpage of the BP credit card to register yourself for the BP credit card.

Step 2: On the website, you’ll see an option saying register now. Click on that.

Step 3: The next page will open, and you will be asked your card number and zip code.

Step 4: After entering all the information, press on continue.

Step 5: Now, you will be asked to enter your name, social security number, address, and other details.

Step 6: Then the system will ask you to select a username and password of your choice.

Step 7: Type in the username and password as per your requirement and then click on the continue button.

The registration process is completed, and now you can log-in to the website again whenever you want using the same username and password you chose.

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How to login in the BP account

As you register yourself, so you have an account already now, you need to follow the given steps to log in.

Step 1: Click on the website to BP credit card login.

Step 2: On the next page, you will see an option saying log into your account. Below that, you will be asked to enter your username and password.


Step 3: Now click on the secure login button.

Step 4: After this, you will be logged in into your account.

Step 5: Recovering your new username of the BP credit card.

Step 6: There may be times when you forget your username. In these situations, follow the given step.

Step 7: Click on the link and click on the forgot user option. This option appears on the BP Credit Card login website

Step 8: Now you will be asked to enter two information- one will be a card number, and the second will be a zip code. If you enter all of them correctly, then you will be shown your user ID on the next screen.

Recovering your password for BP Account

It may happen that in some cases, you also forget the password, then it is simple to recover your account. You have to follow the steps given below.

Click on the link to go to the password page of the BP Credit Card login website. The system will ask you to enter your two things- one is your user ID, and the second is your ZIP code.

If you enter both of them correctly, you will receive an mail on your email ID, which you have registered.

The email will contain a link with which you can reset a password.

Click on the link after you get the email and reset your password and choose a password as per your like.

Contacting the BP credit card company

If you are facing any issues with the BP credit card as a customer, then you can contact them on their customer care support numbers.

  • The customer care support numbers for BP credit are 8448320035.
  • Visa card customer service number is 8448320030.
  • For those of you who use the Platinum Visa card, the Platinum Visa card customer service phone number is 8448871975.

Paying for your BP credit card

When you start using a BP credit card, you also have to make the payment for it. Below are the ways through which you can make the payment.

If your monthly statement is sent to you by mail, then you can mail your payment via mail. Just follow the simple steps.

A. Use your BP Credit Card login information to access your online account and view your bill.
B. Then write out a check in the amount of the bill which includes your account number on the check memo section.
C. Then mail your check to the following.

BP PLCC & Visa
PO BOX 965006
Orlando, FL 328965006

Types of Credit Card in MybpCreditCard

  • BP Credit Card
  • BP Gift Card
  • Fleet Fuel Card
  • BP Visa Credit Card

Making online payment for your BP credit card

You can also pay your bill online as it is a really secure way and time-saving method. BP credit cards are issued by Synchrony Bank. Go to the website and login to your account. You need to login to SynchronyCredit.com.

To log in, you will need your BP credit card account user ID and password. By this, you can access your statement to make a payment.