MyZaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey & Win $ 1,500 Prize

MyZaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey is the customer experience portal offered by the brand Zaxby’s in order to allow the customers to provide their feedback about Zaxby’s. In this article we are going to learn about MyZaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey, it’s rules & regulations, about the Zaxby’s company along with its history, and the complete guidelines to participate in it. Let’s get started…

What’s MyZaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Zaxby’s is a casual fast-food chain which is serving its customers for decades and is famous for its delicious, mouth-watering food items. MyZaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey helps them engage their customers. In addition to that, it works as a great business strategy to receive customer feedback and get to know their needs & requirements. You can provide them with the details of your visit and services experience, in return of which you have a chance to win $1,500 Prize. For getting such an amount as a prize just for giving feedback is something no one would like to miss. In this article further, we will dig deeper and get to know how to participate in this survey and how to get the prize money.

The time you spent on this Customer Satisfaction Survey is the guarantee of the better services and offers for your future purchases at Zaxby’s. By taking up this survey a customer is doing a great favor to the company because the MyZaxbys feedback that is collected through such surveys help companies improve their brand value and name in various manners.

About and the company history

Zaxby’s is a casual food restaurants chain which was started back in March 1990. The primary food offering includes chicken wings, chicken fingers, sandwiches, and salads. The first store of Zaxby’s was opened in Georgia in 1990. Since then this brand only elevated due to its rich recipe of food items it offers. This chain mainly operates in the Southern United States and serve around 900 locations so far. Zaxby’s was established by two childhood buddies Zack Mcleroy and Tony Townley. Currently, this chain is operating in around 18 states.

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The main highlights of their menu is the dipping sauces, sandwiches, chicken wings and appetizers. It has also been a part of several popular sports sponsorship like Heart of Dallas Bowl, Xfinity Series, and Camping World Truck Series, etc. The company was started as a casual dining restaurant and later turned out to be one of the most famous brands in the market. Its headquarters is in Athens, Georgia, the U.S. and the official website is

Requirements to participate in MyZaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey

 There are certain rules and requirements associated with the MyZaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey that is listed as under:

  • In order to participate in the survey, the participant must be of 18 years or older.
  • The participant must not be a current or ex-employee of MyZaxby’s.
  • The participant must not be an immediate relative of an ex-employee of MyZaxby’s.
  • Only one participant is allowed per receipt and multiple receipts can also participate only once.
  • The participant needs to be a resident of any of the 50 States of the United States.
  • The participant must be well versed with the English language.

Zaxby's Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • The participant is required to fill up the questionnaire with honest replies and answers.
  • The participant must not be an immediate relative of a current employee of MyZaxby’s.
  • The participant could be a resident of Denmark, Canada, Germany, the Republic of Ireland, Honduras, the District of Columbia, etc.
  • The participants who are from the Republic of Korea must be of 20 years or more.

How to participate in MyZaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey  & Win $ 1,500 Prize?

Here’s the detailed stepwise guide for participating in the MyZaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey and also get a chance to win $1,500 Prize:

  • First of all, go to MyZaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey official website
  • Now you can start the survey by entering some basic details and ratings asked at the preliminary stage. You will be asked about the time of your visit, the amount spent and Survey entry code, etc.
Zaxby's Customer Satisfaction Survey
Zaxby’s Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • After successfully entering all the basic details, go to the questionnaire and fill it with 100% honesty.
  • Once the questionnaire is finished, you will be asked for the contact information like phone number, email address, and more
  • Once you enter the contact details and make sure all the details are valid as it would be used later on for contacting you.
  • Finally, you will be entered into a sweepstake to win rewards.

My Zaxby’s Survey Details

Survey Site
Receipt With Time, Survey entry code and amount
Purchase No needs
language English
Resident United State
Age 18+

Possible rewards of MyZaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey

After participating in MyZaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey, you may get the following rewards:

  • Chance to win $ 1,000 daily or
  • Prizes worth $ 1,500 daily or
  • Other benefits and offers

Zaxby’s Contact Information 

Zaxby’s Survey Contact Info:

866-8-ZAXBYS (866.892.9297)

Official Website (Zaxbys):

Official Website (MyZaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey):

Final Words

Such online survey portals are getting more popular day by day and several companies, especially food-related firms are preferring this as a business marketing strategy. For a digital generation like today, such a strategy works out pretty well. Getting user experience in return for offers, coupon codes are quite a smart business technique. People love  MyZaxbys Customer Satisfaction Survey because five minutes of survey gives them a chance of various tasty free delights and a chance to win prizes worth $1,500. It also helps the company improve its workability and support quality systems.

Such surveys are meant to improve the quality level of the company and also helps in getting the specific requirements of the customers. Several popular brands like Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Dairy Queen, etc also opt for this method of quality control. It possesses several merits and encourage people to take up the survey in return for interesting offers like coupon codes or prize money.

By providing them with your experience you can actually help a company improve its services and quality control. The coupon codes and offers associated with such surveys are meant to encourage people to take their time and participate. Therefore, many companies of famous brands opt-out for such business strategy to maintain their brand value in the market. – How to Register & Activate MySubway Gift Card Online

In this article, we are going to share about MySubwayCard, a Reward system for regular Subway Customers. You will get information related to how to register MySubwayCard and how to activate MySubwayCard online.

Subway is an American food chain primarily famous for their submarine sandwiches and salads. This privately held restaurant franchise was started 50 years ago by a nuclear physicist Dr. Peter Buck, who had started it as a submarine sandwich shop. Their fresh, ready to order submarine sandwiches got popular and the brand name continued to grow over the decades but the core values & principles remained the same. Today the Subway is one of the largest submarine sandwiches restaurants around the world with 40,000 locations worldwide. Its healthy, nutritious meal is ideal for the family munch.

The Subway headquarters is in Connecticut with five regional centres for controlling the operations. The core product include submarine sandwiches, along with that they offer salas, paninis, wraps, muffins, cookies and doughnuts. Its menu varies from location to location or country to country. Breakfast and pizza items are available in a few stores. The Subway opened its first store in India in New Delhi in 2001. As of now there are around 591 Subway restaurants in 68 Indian cities.

What’a Subway Card?

MySubwayCard is basically a loyalty program by Subway restaurants that allows its users to earn money in return for every purchase at Subway restaurants that could be used later on for further purchases. These cards are easy-to-use and provides a Subway customers with some really delicious offers.Such programs are beneficial for brand marketing and customer retainment for a longer period of time.

Apart from many interesting offers, and loyalty program, there is one of them we are going to discuss in this article i.e. Subway Cards. It is a kind of a loyalty program offered by Subway where a customer can get registered for a card known as “Subway cards”, which mainly includes money in return of points gained for every purchase at Subway restaurants. For the amount gained over this card user can make purchases for future visits. Let’s have a look at how does this Subway Card work, how to register and what are the stated benefits for the same.

How to register for Subway Card?

It is quite easy to get a Subway Card. There are two ways by which you can get your Subway Card.

  • Download the Subway Card app (Subcard) via the Google Play store or Apple app stores.
  • Ask for a card at Subway store and get it registered

Make sure that while activating the card you may get an email with an activation link that could be either in junk or spam folder. Therefore always check all the folders for the activation.

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How does Subway Card work?

Now when you have successfully registered for the Subway Card, you need to know how it actually works? Well, for every dollar being spent by you at Subway stores, you will earn 4 respective tokens. Once you get 200 points or tokens, it will be equivalent to $2.00 rewards for your future orders. You can scan you digital Subway card using your Subcard app.

What are the benefits of Subway Card?

There are several benefits associated to the Subway Cards, some of which are stated as below:

  • On registration you can get instant reward
  • Customers can get many beneficial promotional
  • Every purchase is like an
  • Damaged or lost cards can be replaced by a simple phone
  • The card can be used to redeem the points and get free
  • You can exclusive offers and
  • Stores
  • Menu and products
  • One card that can be used to any Subway
  • It also gives access to the Subway gift cards registered with the

What are the terms & conditions related to the Subway Card?

Here are some of the terms & conditions related to the Subway Cards that a customer must know while or after getting it.

  • A Subway card must be used at least once in a year otherwise the reward points will expire.
  • You cannot merge the points from various cards into
  • You can only redeem your points if you have a registered
  • In case of forgetting the password, you can change it using the ‘Change Password’
  • There is points limit of 5000 at a time for security
  • In case of stolen or lost card, the account can be frozen and a blank card would be issued.
  • If you have either deleted or changed you phone, you can still use your card and login again to the app using the
  • One card can be held per

How to Register Into MySubwayCard?

MySubwayCard is an online website that allows the customers to register, activate, manage Subway gift cards online. With each visit of Subway, the customer can earn reward points. They can use these reward points to get free drinks, chips, or sandwich on the next Subway Visit.

You have to register for MySubwayCard online and register for a MySubwayCard. Here is a process:

MySubwayCard Registration

Step 1: Go to using your phone or computer.

Step 2: Click on Register a Card and you will be redirected to the Sign Up page.

Step 3: Enter the personal and Provide My Subway Reward Card details including your contact info and PIN.

You have to verify the PIN.

Step 4: Click on the Submit and finish the form.


  • For the activation of the card, go to and go to My Cards.
  • Once you visit the login page, Enter My Subway Card credentials like username and password.

  • After that, Click Submit to check your account.
  • So now whenever you buy anything from Subway, you have to visit the, log in and pay bill. When you will submit that, you will earn free points. Using these points, you will get free Drinks, food and sandwitch.

Useful Link:

Final Words

Popular brands often come up with varied ideas and customer benefit programs for maintaining the brand value. Subway is one of the most popular food brands in the world and therefore it gives priority to its customers. In order to engage more & more people towards their store, the Subway provides many interesting programs that are meant for improving user experience. For example Subway, coupons, tokens, etc, are some of the workable business strategies that most of the popular brands use to enhance the level of quality & services.

Hope you liked this article on : Registration, Check Balance, Subway Gift Card Sign Up, Sign In. Comment below if you need any help.

Cinemark Survey – Win Free Movie Tickets For Year using

Everyone loves watching movies, and it is one of the most relaxing things to do. Cinemark allows you to watch movies in a serene environment and at affordable prices. It also offers excellent customer service while watching movies. You can use the Cinemark Survey to share your reviews about the Cinemark service.

Cinemark is an American movie theatres chain that wants to satisfy all the customers, and therefore it created an online survey to share their feedback and reviews. They have more than 500 movie theatres with 20,000 employees.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss the Cinemark Guest Experience Survey, How to take this survey and survey requirements. So without any further, let’s get started with the survey details.

Cinemark Survey – Win Free Movie

Cinemark Survey values your opinions and also provides fantastic rewards for participating in the survey. If you participate in this survey, you can get the chance to watch free movies for a year or free popcorn and much more alike rewards.

Tickets For Year – Take Survey 

Cinemark has its branches in almost every state in the United States. By providing your feedback, you can also get a reward of one year free movies. Pretty cool, right! So every time you purchase a movie ticket at Cinemark, it increases your chance of winning one-year free movies.

The Cinemark ticket you buy is the entry gate to Cinemark survey sweepstakes, which can get you free movie tickets. So if you are a regular customer of Cinemark theatres and possess a movie ticket with a survey code, you have a high chance of getting rewards. Before going to the Cinemark Survey, let’s get to know about the Cinemark organization first. You can take the survey through the official website –

About Cinemark Theatres 

Cinemark Theatres started back on June 7, 1984, by Lee Roy Mitchell. Its headquarters are in Plano, Texas. Now let’s get started with the Cinemark Guest Experience Survey and get to know how to participate in the same.

How to take Cinemark Survey on 

The receipt received at Cinemark contains some vital information that helps you take part in this online survey. If you want to participate in the Cinemark Survey, follow the stepwise instructions, as mentioned further.

  • At first, open your favorite web browser.
  • Visit the official website of the Cinemark Guest Experience 

  • Just make sure you have your latest Cinemark purchase receipt with you.
  • Now scroll down the home page of the survey as shown above and fill the details asked.

  • You can find all these vital details written on your receipt.
  • Next, tap the red “Start.” button to start the Cinemark survey.
  • You can also change the language of the survey by tapping the link as given in the bottom left corner. The survey can be taken in two languages – either English or Spanish.
  • Once the survey begins, fill in the answers with utmost honesty.
  • After the survey ends, enter the contact details so that they can contact you when you receive the rewards.

We advise you to answer all the survey questions with complete honesty. Also, make sure your contact details are correct.

Cinemark Survey Requirements 

Before taking part in the Cinemark Customer Survey, you need to know the requirements and rules for the same.

Age & location constraints

If you want to participate in the Cinemark Survey, the participant must be of 18- years old and the U.S. resident. You can also be a resident of Columbia to get rewards.

Device and Internet

One must possess a digital device and Internet connection to participate in the survey.


The participant must know the language of either English or Spanish.

Ways of participation 

You can participate in the survey by two methods as given below.

  1. Participation Online or
  2. Participation by Mail. 

Participation constraints

There are certain restrictions related to the survey. Only one participant per month is allowed. In addition to it, the family members of Cinemark Theatres cannot participate in the survey.


The participant can use the receipt to take part in the survey. They can also take part via the receipts received through complex, shops or eateries within the theatres.

Cinemark Contact Details 

The Cinemark Experience survey is available through its official website only. You can contact the company by contacting – 1-1800-246-3627. If you face any problem while taking up the survey, you can contact the number mentioned above.

RedLobsterSurvey — Take Red Lobster Survey — Win $1,000

Red lobsters are a fresh seafood restaurant chain and they are trying and putting some effort to improve the customer experience with RedLobsterSurvey and also they offer a survey for those people who eat at any restaurant location. As soon as you complete their survey after you eat there and then you just need to enter into a drawing so that you can win a grand cash prize that is of $1,000! If case you don’t win the grand prize, then you also have the chance to win one of 100 $50 cash prizes that are also provided by the restaurant.

Red Lobster is a fresh fish as well as a seafood restaurant chain that was founded in 1968. Also, their lobsters are so fresh and you can keep them in tanks for all the customers to gawk as well as they can see in the picture.

To participate in the survey you need to follow these steps-

  • You need to have good and strong working internet access.
  • You must be of 18 years of or more.
  • You need to have your receipt handy and you are supposed to use the code from it.
  • You also need to carry the receipt when you visit the store next visit.
  • Also, you can use the receipt code only once and only on one purchase.
  • You must know the English or Spanish language.
  • You need to be of the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada as the resident.

How to Complete RedLobsterSurvey Online

To take part in Surrey you need to follow these steps-

1. For this, you need to go to the official link that you can go through your browser and that is

2. Then you will be taken to the page where you will have to type the receipt code.

3. Choose the language according to your convenience.

4. You will be asked some question and you need rate according to the most recent visit and also you need to choose from the option that is ranging and that can be satisfied to dissatisfied.

5. You will be asked to rate quality, service and the varieties, and that will also be ranging from satisfied to dissatisfied.

6. The user will be asked about the infrastructure, environment, and cleanliness and also the attitude of the staff members that you have experienced.

7. Tell about the problems, issues or concerns if you have faced any during the visit.

8. Questions will be with respect to the quality and also the services that were provided and you need to answers the question asked in the survey.

9. Then you need to answer all the questions honestly and then click on the submit.

As soon as you are done you will get a chance to win a prize and that has Free Validation Code and then you can Redeem that Offer.

Contact RedLobsterSurvey

Enter by Mail With No Purchase

You can also mail the company and get yourself register for this you need to write your full name, address, city, state, zip, phone, and birthday on a card that should be of a size 3X5.

Then you need to mail it to the following address:

Red Lobster Restaurants Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes, PMI Station PO Box 3511 Southbury CT 06488-3511 USA.

You also need to keep in mind that entries will only be received at least 8 days before the entry is closed.

Contact details for Red Lobster Food chain are as follows-


  • Red Lobster Management 450 South Orange Avenue, LLC Orlando, FL 32801 US

Red Lobster Sponsor Address:

  • Promotion Mechanics, 87 Inc, South Main Street, Newtown, CT 06470