Starbucks Summer Game 2021 —

Starbucks Summer Game 2021 —

Starbucks is now hosting a summer game, called the Starbucks Summer Game. You can win free products and an instant prize of 10 bonus stars just by getting your daily zombie frappuccino! To play this fun new promotion visit their app on iPhone or Android devices.

Here is how the Starbucks Summer Game Works

Download the Starbucks app from official sources on your device. Now, upload money onto it and it won’t cost you any more than what a normal transaction at Starbucks would be! Once uploading has finished make sure to pay with this App when going into any store so that they can track how much playtime each person gets per day (you only get two plays).

A purchase gives customers one chance of earning free stars while every gameplay increases their chances for rewards like free drinks or food items as well as gift cards all depending on which level tier points out just right for them personally

In the Starbucks Summer Gameplay, you will be able to experience a pinball-like bounce that is just as exciting and unpredictable. If your ball lands in one of those slots with instant wins or opportunities for bigger prizes like sweepstakes drawings, then it’s game over! You can also take part by playing these virtual pins on their app where they offer different modes such as Daily Challenge (every day).

Play Starbucks Summer Game for free

  • Visit
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and find “*To enter without making a purchase, click here.”
  • Click “click here
  • Select “Gameplay” under “Select a play type”
  • Follow the instructions to complete the entry form.
  • Click “Submit”
  • Check the email you provided for an email from Starbucks Rewards Games <> with the subject “Your free play is here”
  • Click the “Play Now” button in the email to be taken back to the Starbucks Summer Game, you will now have gameplay!

Starbucks Summer Game Sweepstakes Prizes

Starbucks Summer Game Sweepstakes Prizes range from 500 – 30,000 Bonus Stars.

Starbucks Summer Game instant prizes

PrizeInstant Winners
200 Bonus Stars2,500
150 Bonus Stars5,000
Free Iced Cold Brew or Iced Coffee Beverage (any size)150,000
50% off a Frappuccino or Iced Espresso Beverage (any size)160,000
50% off a Starbucks Refresher or Iced Tea (any size)160,000
50 Bonus Stars45,000
25 Bonus Stars400,000
10 Bonus Stars1,200,000

Starbucks Summer Game Hack

You can win 25 Bonus Stars once you have made 1 qualified purchase and played the game 26 times. There are no other ways of winning these stars, so make sure to get them while they’re still available!

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