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Taco Bell or TellTheBell uses a special customer satisfaction survey program called, TellTheBell Survey in the form of an online survey that encourages people to provide feedback in return for a chance of winning cash. Due to their practical cash winning offers, customers take this survey quite seriously. 

Taco Bell has realized one fact about this generation that people wants to earn money and of course, why not? If you can have a chance of winning cash of around $500 by just providing feedback then who wouldn’t like to do it. Taco Bell’s TellTheBell Customer survey is a kind of a program that gives customers importance and therefore, they have such a good reputation in the market. Whenever a customer takes up this survey they automatically fit in the queue for winning the amount.

About – Taco Bell Survey

In the fast-food chain sector, companies usually enjoy their monopoly but Taco Bell thinks of its customers first and its parent company “Yum!” brand is all over the world except China. The Customer Survey form is an inventive method of getting & engaging customers at the same time. This strategy not only lets the company owners get to know customers’ needs but also promote the brand in the market simultaneously.

In this article, we will discuss the Taco Bell company, their history, background, location and their customer satisfaction survey ( known as TellTheBell in detail. Buckle up for some interesting information ahead!!

About Taco Bell Company- Background and History

Before actually heading towards the TellTheBell Survey program, first of all, let us know about Taco Bell, a company that invented this program. Taco Bell is an American food chain company popular for its inventive Mexican food items and whimsical menu. Apart from KFC and Pizza Hut, it is owned by Louisville Kentucky – based Yum!” brands all over the world. Taco Bell serves nearly 42 mn customers a week at around 7,000 restaurants worldwide. It was founded in 1962, in California.

Taco Bell is famous for its made-to-order and customizable tacos, burritos and several vegetarian options. Taco Bell and its franchise partners serve millions of people worldwide through their fast-food restaurants along with mobile/desktop and online delivery options.

Taco Bell, a Mexican inspired quick-service fast-food chain, has its headquarters office in Irvine, California, United States. As of 2018 report, Taco Bell has around 7,072 stores worldwide, with 5,604 stores in the United States alone and increasing day-by-day. Founder of Taco Bell is Glen Bell, who started this brand back on March 21, 1962. Since then Taco Bell is providing our taste buds with an exquisite treat with their Mexican based innovative menu items. This fast-food chain is planning to extend to about 1,000 international locations from 280 locations by 2020. Some of their restaurants are also testing touch screen-ordering kiosks. Pretty cool isn’t it?

Survey Rules and Requirements

As of now, we have discussed the Taco Bell company in brief, now it’s time for us to have a look at their TellTheBell Customer Survey program and its rules & requirements. If you want to be a part of this TellTheBell Customer Survey Program, all you need is listed down below:

1) You need a mobile phone or a device for taking up the survey.

2) You require the bill for the recent order you made at Taco Bell.

3) The person must be a citizen of the United States and should also have the citizenship of any of the 50 states.

4) The person must have adequate knowledge of English or Spanish (the survey is available in either of the languages only).

5) The person participating in the survey must be more than 18 years old, as it is expected that an adult could only take up the survey seriously.

6) Payment Receipt is the most crucial thing required while taking up this survey, otherwise, you won’t be allowed for participation.

How to Enter Into Survey?

Here’s the stepwise guide on how to apply for TellTheBell Customer Feedback Survey:

Step 1: First of all be ready with your device and the billing receipt of Taco Bell to participate.

Step 2: Now go to the official page of ( ) survey using your favorite browser.

Step 3: Then select the language (two options: English and Spanish)

Step 4: After choosing the language, enter the basic details asked and start the survey.

Step 5: Enter Store number and other details.

Step 6: As soon as the survey begins, you will be asked some questions related to stores, locations, services, staff behavior, user experience, etc. It is advisable to post honest feedback on this survey.

Step 6: Once the survey is finished, you will be asked whether you want to participate in the $500 sweepstakes or not.

Step 7: Choose the option as per your desire and it’s done.

Contact Info of that Survey company

If you want to contact Taco Bell for any query related to TellTheBell survey or others, here’s the official contact details:


  • Taco Bell Corp.
  • 1 Glen Bell Way
  • Irvine, California 92618
  • United States

Phone Number: (800) 822-6235

Or Mail them at their official website

Final Words

Many companies work over the business strategy of customer feedback and reviews. The foremost benefit of this business tactic is to stay connected with your customers, and it is also easier to be aware of their real-time requirements. In order to get customer feedback, several companies opt for various traditional methods. But such traditional methods do not really encourage customers to provide their valuable feedback. Well, Taco Bell is one such company that has an innovative method for the same.

So that’s all from our side about Taco Bell and its Customer Satisfaction survey program, TellTheBell. It is highly recommended from our end to actively participate in such a survey program as it helps the company to improvise their services & offers.

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