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Kohls Listens Survey

Kohl’s Customer Experience Survey gives a chance to win 10% Off. If you like, can redeem your Kohls coupon at the store on your next visit! So what are waiting for?

Check out this article related to their feedback survey- all related requirements have been mentioned below it too so that anyone interested in winning does not miss them out:
To enter into KOHL’s Guest Opinion Contest just head over here www.kohlslistens.com

So, you want to win a 10% off coupon from your local Kohl’s store?

Well, all I have right here is the customer survey at www.KohlsListens.com. All it takes is filling out this one little form and voila! You’ll get a discount on anything in-store or online within 60 days (or sooner). So what are ya waiting for?”

So What’s The Kohls Experience Survey All About?

Kohls’ is an American retail company that operates a grocery store and food store across the USA. It was founded by Maxwell Kohl in 1962, making it one of America’s oldest retailers!

The chain mainly sells Clothing, footwear (including socks!), jewelry, or bedding for all your needs at almost low prices; plus they also offer furniture items like sofas & recliners to help you make the home feel even better than before – might I add with some great deals on electronics too?!

Plus beauty products such as skincare systems which will leave us looking young forever? Sound good right?? So why not go check them out today when the opening has just opened up near where ever you live.

KohlsListens.com Survey Offer/Reward

  • 10% discount Kohl’s Coupon

Terms and Conditions Of KohlsListens Survey

  • Must be over 18 to be eligible for the survey.
  • A valid receipt from a participating store
  • You will need a computer and internet access to take the survey.
  • Must be able to speak and understand either English or Spanish.
  • The prize transfers and substitutes are not at all encouraged.
  • Must not be an employee of the company.
  • The offer is only available at the store you visited last time.

How To Win 10% Off Kohl’s Coupon From KohlsListens.com?

  • Next, select a preferred language from English and Spanish.
  • Enter the store number and access code.
  • Click the ‘Begin Survey’ option to continue with the survey.
  • Now, honestly answer the Kohl’s Guest Survey questions that appear on the screen based on your last visit experience to the Kohl’s store.
  • You need to share your rating about Kohl’s customer services and products such as the product availability, product price, cleanliness of the store, staff behavior and attitude, environment, product quality and quality, etc.
  • When you finish answering, recheck your feedback, and submit your Kohl’s Listens Survey.
  • Submitting your feedback helps you to get a 10% off coupon, which you can use for your next purchase at the store.

Reference Links

Official Kohlslistens Survey Website: www.KohlsListens.com

Official Kohls Website: www.kohls.com

Final Words

I think this information is enough to get started with the Kohls Listens survey. Hope it will be helpful for you and a 10% off coupon from my site when done!